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Serving Tampa Bay, our group of collaborative divorce professionals help resolve divorce through a non-litigated, peaceful & respectful team-based approach. Collaborative divorce professionals seek mutually beneficial results with you, your spouse, & children in mind. The resources below by Tampa Bay’s Next Generation Divorce will help you learn about collaborative divorce, understand its benefits for you and your family, and connect you with collaborative divorce professionals who can answer your questions and facilitate a collaborative divorce.


Research now reveals that how a couple conducts themselves during a divorce has a far greater impact on children than the act of divorcing itself.” – Stu Webb, Founder of Collaborative Law

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  • Lawyer Lead Team Approach

    No single way of divorcing is right for every couple ending their marriage. Many today are seeking an alternative to the pain and costs common with conventional divorce.

    Collaborative divorce has been established to help minimize the time, expense and hostility that is all to common in most divorces.

    The goal of our process is to avoid the typical court-based, high-stress divorce and replace it with a peaceful and respectful team-based approach.

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