REGISTRATION OPEN – Advanced Collaborative Practice Training


woodyHave you attempted to transition your practice out of the courtroom and into more collaborative and/or other courtless alternatives? Do your clients often opt for a choice that provides them with more input and less trauma while they transition out of one relationship and into a more peaceful, stable, and joyful environment for themselves and their families? You now have a rare opportunity to experience a Woody Mosten workshop here in our own Tampa Bay, Florida community.

Building a Satisfying and Profitable Collaborative and Mediation Practice (Getting More Clients)

This is an advanced training* for all divorce professionals (legal, mental health, and financial) who seek to provide their clients with a less stressful, courtless opportunity to join the growing community of well-adjusted divorced families.  While basic collaborative training is highly recommended, it is not required.

Registration cost is $599 which includes breakfast and lunch both days as well as a cocktail party on February 27.  The training times are 9:00am until 5:00pm on February 27 and 28, 2015.   You may register and renew/apply for Next Generation Divorce (NGD) membership simultaneously.  Registration & membership is open to professionals practicing in the areas of family law (including mediation), mental health, and finance.  NGD will waive its 2015 annual membership dues (a $200 value) for registrants who are current members or who are approved for new membership.  Members who have already renewed their dues should enter the “promo code” provided by NGD.

Application is being made for continuing education credits.

Space is limited and registration will be first come, first served.   Register below, payment options include paying via credit card through paypal (a paypal account is not required) or mailing in a check.  Completion of the online registration form below is required regardless of payment type to reserve your seat.  Payments become non-refundable on February 1, 2015.  A list of local hotels is included in the registration confirmation email.

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*This is an advanced training.  This DOES NOT count as a two-day basic/introductory training required for membership in most collaborative practice groups.

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