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  • The Art of Asking Questions in Collaborative Cases

The Art of Asking Questions in Collaborative Cases

  • 10 Feb 2021
  • 5:00 PM
  • Zoom


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The Art of Asking Questions in Collaborative Cases presented by Jacinta Gallant

Wednesday ~ February 10, 2021 ~ 5:00 p.m.

Conflict resolution professionals need strong communications skills and deep insight in order to help our clients get to the root of their problems. Asking questions is one of the vital communication skills in our conflict resolution toolbox. We ask question to aid in understanding.

We intend to be helpful and open, so when we get defensive or resistant reaction, we wonder what went wrong? In some instances, our well-intentioned questions lead down the path of "factual enquiry" about "what happened?" - which is a great lead in to the "Blame Game". Other times, our questions can lead to feelings of frustration as we steer the conversation where we want it to go, either because we are missing the cues that allow us to follow the client' lead, or because we are uncomfortable with the direction the conversation is taking and we do not want to be uncomfortable. There are so many ways our questions can impact conflict and understanding, it's no wonder many of us are apprehensive about what to ask and how to ask it.

Hopefully, we have all felt the joy of a question that led to brilliant, illuminating insight! This workshop is about how can we do this more. We will challenge ourselves to consider:

  • What kinds of questions aid in understanding?
  • What should we be asking about?
  • Who should be asking the questions?
  • What judgements are hidden (or apparent!) in our questions?
  • How to use questioning to find creative solutions.

Speaker Bio

Jacinta Gallant is a respected Canadian collaborative lawyer, conflict trainer and innovator in her field. She is recognized internationally for her insightful approach to teaching and managing conflict, and has been welcomed as a trainer throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. Her law practice Waterstone Law Group focuses on out-of-court settlement, including collaborative practice, mediation and negotiation.  Jacinta’s innovative Our Family in Two Homes resource helps prepare clients to engage deeply, and more productively, with the members of their Collaborative Team.  Jacinta’s ultimate goal as a trainer is to help collaborative professionals engage with clients in a more meaningful way, manage conflict more effectively, and get more enjoyment out of this important work.

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