Q: My life will be destroyed by my divorce. Will I never be happy again?
A: Yes. There is life after divorce. This is not to minimize the pain and grief that comes with divorce itself. But divorce can be a time of personal growth that can lead to a healthier, more satisfying life.

Q: Because my spouse cheated on me, will I get a better settlement in court?
A: No. In Florida, “fault” has no bearing on economic outcome.

Q: Are all the assets automatically divided in half?
A: Not necessarily.  Division of assets will depend on the character of the assets, i.e., whether acquired before or during the marriage. Parties who commit to the Collaborative process have more control over the fair and equitable division of assets.

Q: Is it better for me to take the most extreme positions, because otherwise I won’t end up with a fair settlement?
A: No.  In order to successfully negotiate a settlement with your spouse, you must consider how any possible resolution will work for your spouse, not just yourself (a cardinal rule in any successful negotiation.)

Q:  Lots of kids see their parents fight bitterly in divorce, will these kids end up just fine?
A:  Not necessarily.  The more anger and hostility between you and your spouse to which the children are privy, the more they will be impacted by the divorce. Your Collaborative team will help you develop co-parenting skills and minimize the negative effect on your children.

Q: How much will it cost for conventional divorce vs. collaborative divorce?
A: No matter which process you choose, cost will depend on many variables.  For example, in collaborative divorce, efficiencies are built into the transparent process of collaborative divorce.