Collaborative Professional Stories

Why Collaborate?  Here’s what our members say:

“As a lawyer, there are a lot of reasons to like the Collaborative Divorce Process better than traditional litigation. If I had to put it succinctly, I would say that this process allows you to fully help your client. People going through a divorce are experiencing one of the worst times in their lives. By the time a client consults an attorney they are wrapped up in anger, fear and regrets. Not only can the Collaborative Team assist the parties in drafting a comprehensive, tailor made Marital Settlement Agreement; the neutral financial can help them analyze separate future cash flow scenarios and the neutral facilitator can empower them to creatively redefine a positive vision of their future. All that without an expensive, exhausting, stressful, time consuming, anger driven courtroom battle. What’s not to like?”

-Julia Best Chase, Esq. with The  Law Offices of Julia Best Chase, P.A.


“Why Collaborate? Here’s what our members say:

“It is so much more rewarding to perform such constructive work, and, as a result, my collaborative clients afford me (and the process) far more gratifying testimonials than I have ever received in 36 years of trial work. One client told me “I was surprised that we were able to listen to each other as well as we did. This was because the professionals were so active in helping us hear each other’s points of view. It certainly sounds different when someone else says it, even when it’s the same thing your husband just said.” Another remarked “[T]he process gave me insight into a lot of things between [my wife] and I and our son. The team was there to clear up any questions we had…. [T]he process was goal centered and common ground was easy to find.” Another said “The most amazing thing was how we were all on the same team, all of the neutrals and our lawyers… and both of us, just trying to get this resolved. I learned how to communicate with him, …to calm down, and to think about the words I would say that could make our discussion better instead of worse….”

Joyrn Jenkins, Esq. with Open Palm Law

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